Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Personal information is something we should all protect. Regardless if you are at the Doctors office, on a website or creating an account online, your personal information should be protected at all times. NYC Personal Loans created this Privacy Policy to inform all of our website users about safety and protection. Just like you would protect your purse or wallet, your personal information is just as important. Without a Privacy Policy, a website could do anything without your knowledge. Instead, NYC Personal Loans wants you to know our Privacy Policy.

If your personal information is compromised in any way, you are subject to identity theft. Identity theft is something that will take a toll on your life. You will have to provide documentation and other records to prove that you are who you say you are. All because someone stole your identity. Now, companies and credit lenders do not know who to believe. All this can be a tragedy, but it can also be preventable. Protect your personal data by closely monitoring where you are entering all your information and for what purpose.

Privacy Policy Purpose

Regardless if you are a customer, client, or even a new user, we want all visitors to know exactly how your information is used at NYC Personal Loans. The purpose of the Privacy Policy is to inform you on what you may not be aware of. We would like to educate you on what is considered personal and non-personal information. There are many ways to retrieve your personal information online. This would include your true identity or any alias you go by. Other personal information includes address, phone number, social security number, place of employment, vehicle registration, etc. All this information is personal as it directly affects you.

Non-personal information can be something as simple as the device you are using while on NYC Personal Loans website. Other non-personal information includes your computer’s IP Address. your physical location area, time zone, how long you are accessing the website, etc. This information does not personally affect you. It is basically internal data that are used to conduct studies on how our company can improve our website. Creating a user-friendly website is what we are trying to accomplish. That is why the Privacy Policy allows you to know what we collect and what the data is used for.

Privacy Policy on Information Sharing

Being a company that provides funding, there are constant changes that take place. If you have created a profile account, your information will remain safe and private. Regardless if you are a new user or an established customer. NYC Personal Loans is responsible for keeping your personal information protected, unless you have provided written consent of the release of your information. This would be done if you are no longer needing our services.

There are a few instances where NYC Personal Loans is able to share your personal information without your knowledge. Below, is a list of a few examples where we will disclose your information with other parties.

When two companies merge together, all accounts of both companies will be combined. This means that your information will be shared with the company we merge with. This also indicates that the accounts from the other company will be shared with NYC Personal Loans. A Privacy Policy protects our company by informing you of what will take place. You will receive notice of the merging of another company prior to it taking place.

By law, NYC Personal Loans is obligated to follow any requirements or legal notices from any personnel. Each state has a legal obligation to provide any personal information that we may have on your account. You will not be notified if this were to happen. If you have a legal representative, you may also request documentation, if needed. However, we must be presented with a legal subpoena or other legal documentation requiring us to turn over personal information.

If you have signed any consent forms, allowing us to release your personal information. This form holds you legally responsible if any, information were to become compromised. Please be sure you know exactly where your information is going and how it is being shared. If you are sending personal information to another company, read their Privacy Policy for all details.

If you are under an investigation regarding personal loans or other financial fraud, we are required by law to possess any information they are requesting. Again, you will not be notified of this happening.